Our job as a media specialist is to ensure that our client's precious money is not wasted. We achieve that by evaluating the media plan before it gets executed, and also after its up and running. Using a full proof strategy our team brain storms together to make your brand a household name. Being a veteran in branding in srinagar kashmir, we help the brand reach out to the target consumer using every possible strategy.
Logichub software solution is an advertising agency that provides cutting edge strategy and creative solutions to meet business challenges and build profitable brands. An array of services such as Advertising, Brand Building, animations, brand video clips, Market Research, Digital Marketing are all offered under the umbrella of Logichub Software Solutions.
We Produce Digital communication campaigns across all digital channels, creative Ads and animated short video clips.


Print being one of the traditional major ways of communication to a consumer, we make sure that your product reaches the right audience in an attractive visual form. Having great involvement with the media agencies in Kashmir we utilise the power of the press to put your product forward.


A magazine narrows down to a particular type of reader and we scan for the perfect magazine that targets the audience we are aiming for. With a great amount of magazines that are city concentrated, advertising in Kashmir based as well as national magazines adds to the visibility of the product.


A catchy jingle or an interesting play of audio-visuals is always a good watch in-between a show one is hooked on to. It adds to the brand value and as professional branding consultants, we are positive that our team can bring in innovative concepts that makes your ad the talk of the television channels.